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Acupuncture therapy dates back over five thousand years and Western science and technology is validating its therapeutic benefits on practically a daily basis. There is no longer any doubt that acupuncture can significantly improve your health and overall sense of wellbeing.
Cupping is one of the oldest traditions in Chinese medicine and dates back to the fourth century. It is commonly used in China as a therapy for respiratory ailments (asthma, bronchitis, congestion, etc) as well as gastrointestinal conditions, arthritis and some types of pain. Find out more about how cupping could benefit you.
There are numerous documented benefits for Chinese Herbal Medicine, including relief from pain, nerve damage, acne, gallstones, and many other conditions as well as increased stamina, energy and sense of well being. Chinese herbal medicines have been adopted in many different countries of the world.
An Ionic Detox is a pleasant, relaxing, non-invasive, 30-minute therapy that will detoxify your body of heavy metals and other toxins. You sit with your feet in a warm salt bath while a computer program regulates different amounts of both positive and negative electrical current through the water. As the toxins leave your body the water will change color and this will indicate to the practitioner where your qi (vital energy) is blocked and needs to be restored. Find out more about Ionic Detoxification as an effective cleansing therapy.
TCM massage therapy is well recognized as an excellent therapy to relieve stiff and sore muscles. But it also has other health and wellness benefits.
With this technique, to facilitate healing, the small, spongy mugwort herb is burned on the end of an acupuncture needle inserted in the body. Moxibustion aims to stimulate the flow of qi (vital body energy), strengthen the blood and generally maintain good health and wellbeing. It has had particular success in Western medicine as a means to turn breech babies before birth and to help with gynecological complaints.

Naturopathic Doctors integrate standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies. They are highly trained primary and adjunctive health care providers whose primary goal is to address the cause of a patient’s illness, instead of suppressing symptoms.

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