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How Acupuncture Promotes Weight Loss

Toronto’s Best of Chinese Medicine clinic has had great success in using acupuncture for weight loss patients

The connection between acupuncture and weight loss is not instantly obvious and more research needs to be done to clarify the mechanism that makes it such a successful weight loss therapy. It is well established that the practice of inserting thin metal needles into specific meridians or ‘acu-points’ in the body can stimulate blood flow which increases nourishment and the flow of energy (qi) to different organs, depending on where the needles are inserted.
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Causes of Weight Loss with Acupuncture

Through some process that is not yet fully understood, it appears that this increased blood and energy flow somehow curbs the appetite, resulting in a slow and steady weight loss over time with repeated acupuncture sessions. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that acupuncture restores balance in the body and it may be that the increased sense of well being that is experienced by so many weight loss acupuncture patients also adds to their self esteem and self confidence, which may help to diminish comfort eating.

Other practitioners suggest that their acupuncture needles impart a sense of fullness which suppresses the desire to overeat. This, together with a healthy diet program and a few basic lifestyle changes (cut back on sugars, processed carbohydrates and saturated fats and start a program of moderate exercise three-four times a week) can soon make a substantial difference to a patient’s weight.

Others assert that acupuncture can speed up your metabolic rate which means you will burn calories faster, adding to a more rapid weight loss.

The Procedure


At our Best of Chinese Medicine clinic, we will start your acupuncture for weight loss program by examining you thoroughly, including taking your pulse and checking your tongue to see if there are any other underlying conditions that may be compounding your weight problems.

We also need to be confident that acupuncture is an appropriate course of treatment for you. Unlike Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic type of health care which treats the whole patient and not just specific ailments or complaints. Depending on the results of your examination, we will be able to design a course of therapy and perhaps even combine Chinese herbal medicines and natural remedies together with acupuncture for even more effective and successful results.

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