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Bph Symptom Quiz

Find Your BPH Symptom Score

How Severe Are My BPH Symptoms?

The International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) questionnaire below was developed to measure the severity of your BPH symptoms. Your score is not meant to provide medical advice or replace your doctor’s expert opinion and care. Only your doctor can diagnose whether you have BPH and assess your individual condition. There are other conditions that can cause urinary symptoms besides BPH.

IPSS Symptom Scoring

Your score will show how severe your symptoms are.

Take the two minute test and assess the status of your urinary symptoms. If your test scores are moderate or severe, we suggest that you contact your health care provider to have further tests and to see if attention or treatment is necessary.

0 to 7Mild
8 to 19Moderate
20 to 35Severe

IPSS Questionnaire

The following is a series of questions that ask how often certain symptoms occur. Select the answer that best describes your symptoms. When you have answered all 7 questions, click on SUBMIT, and your total score will be calculated and emailed to you in 10 seconds.

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